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5 kinds of photos / imagery your designer
will need for your website

For me, as a web designer, photos and imagery are immensely important. Imagine being in your clientele or potential clientele’s shoes, stumbling across your website that has more text than the bible with next to no images displayed. Who wants to see that? It’s as bad as seeing essays of text on a PowerPoint presentation, break it up with some pictures will ya, they say a picture speaks a thousand words – it truly does, but it also allows your eyes to have a break from mountains of text on a screen. For me, at TCQC, I make sure text is as minimal as possible until you’re then rewarded with a picture. 

What is best to send 10s to 100s of photos / images? Usually via email, WhatsApp or for even larger amounts I use the online website, so you’re covered there.

Now, there’s 5 types of main photos / imagery I feel a must for your website, so:

Logo (Branding)


This is the most obvious and important. It’s your business’s website after-all, why would you not put your branding all over every page, you want to stand-out and be memorable to new and returning visitors, right? I always ask for files of your logo and any other branding you may have. For example, the collage you’ll see at the top of this blog post, I have a variety of ‘arty’ and ideal photos to make my brand stand out. All thanks to my partner Kayleigh for taking these, she’s a natural with her Nikon.

It’s recommended your branding is displayed on all of your pages, so be sure to give TCQC high resolution files of your branding so no quality is lost.

History / About

It’s common to have an about page or history to showcase and highlight some important information about your business, especially mentioning how you founded the company or even achievements you’ve gained along the way. Visitors love to see photos from your early days of work, so be sure to include these and supply as many as you can. The more the merrier in my opinion, it shows your authenticity and puts confidence for your visitors and potential clientele to deal with yourselves. 

Even if you have photos that are only physical and in black and white and may be a bit rough and worn around the edges, take a photo of them and I can crop and enhance if need! Again, authenticity is key and it’s what people love to see.


Product / shop items, photos & images are a must if you have a shop or a page dedicated to showcasing your product or service. People want to see what they’re purchasing and the more images or photos showcasing the product or item the better. It’s a harder ‘sell’ if your visitors just see text, I personally come across some items on Amazon that have no image and I simply scroll past or contact the seller to ask for photos / images to make sure it’s what I’m after (I’m sure I’m not the only one!) so the same applies here for your website!



Say you’re a photographer (using this profession as an example), your portfolio is 100% focused around what photos you take, so showcasing these is essential. No-one wants to just hear about your photos you take, they want to see them in their full beauty and entirety. It’s worth mentioning again: a picture says a thousand words! No matter how many photos you have to show off, be sure to send these across to TCQC and I use brilliant tools to showcase them, either in a gallery and/or enlarged in high resolution on your website.


This is what I briefly mentioned in the introduction to this blog post, the images or photos I place in between text to ‘break up’ the inevitable slump of having to read through mountains of text. I make sure every break of text is relevant with imagery included, so when you or your visitors see the next piece of text, the topic is continued or begun with a new section of text that you require. Take this blog post page as an example, there’s a lot of text used, but each has been broken up into sections with imagery and sub-headings to stay relevant to each type of photos / imagery I’m making you aware of. As simple as that… and eye-catching!

These types of imagery can range from anything, some photos of your office or warehouse, or a cheesy photo of yourself or your employees smiling and loving life, anything relevant to your business can be used… just for the record, cheesy is a good thing!

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