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Do I need a website? (absolutely you do)

Let’s paint the picture (if I’m spot on with your situation, then I’m here for autographs): You’ve recently started a business, everything from branding to writing up a business plan, you’re ready to set off into the world and bring in clientele to provide your service or product. 


But, it’s tough getting your name ‘out there’ and most importantly setting out for that brand exposure. You may have gone from door to door with flyers, leaflets, posters on public notice boards for the odd passer-by to take a gander. The main purpose is for that certain passer-by to use your service/product or even better pass on to someone who may require your business (word of mouth, it’s a brilliant thing). However, this method won’t always guarantee a great income of clientele fast (if any). 

So, this is where a website comes in, live to the whole world to visit and view what your business entails and if it’s the right fit for the right person… all you need to do is update the website as often as you can (TCQC does this) and the rest is down to the website to speak on your organisations behalf. With the right Search Engine Optimisation implemented (TCQC can also do this; see other blog post on this) your website would be accessible via top search engines such as Google. Furthermore, say you had a plumbing business in Suffolk, UK… and someone types in ‘plumbers in Suffolk’ into Google, you could be the top ‘hit’ in the search results, and that person innocently Google-ing for a plumber could contact you in a matter of seconds; maybe not one person, maybe 50 odd, and as quick as you can say “I wish I got a website sooner” you’re swamped with bookings (which is obviously a good thing).

I’m not saying you should not go door to door, or avoid placing posters etc because these are important marketing strategies for businesses, especially if you’re a new organisation. These methods are brilliant ways to get your name out there (using that term again). As well as this, a website will also allow your business to remain in the back of people’s heads for when a moment springs up at a point in everyday life, such as “oh, I know a business that can do that, TCQC, he designs and maintains amazing websites..” and then you’re recommended, just like that. 

And there you have it, my absolute must in needing a website for your organisation, whatever it is. Ask the organisations I’ve built a website for the same question titled for this post, I’m confident they’ll tell you having a website is highly recommended for your business. Every product/service can have a website, so flaunt it, have the right SEO (again I, TCQC, can do this), and get that exposure. For the last 10 or so years people would rather go to ‘doctor Google’ to determine what that annoying itch is between their toes before asking a professional (an actual doctor) and people do the same with finding a business or wanting an answer to an issue they have, so make sure your organisation has a website (built by TCQC, yeah?), shows up high on the results list in front of their eyes, and reap the rewards.