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You may know a lot about web design, you may not. You may know that there is a great amount of work that goes on behind your website to keep it live on the web, updated and running efficiently … but you may not know that. You may think that once a website is built that’s all that is to it. Nothing more. However, if we did this, the website wouldn’t accessible to the world, it would be prone to risks, threats and unsafe links to you (again, visitors won’t be able to see the site!), your site would be the most frustrating site to use, as it would be immensely slow to load anything (if you get lucky) and that’s if the pages load at all!

But anyway, you get the drift, there are procedures in place behind the scenes to make sure your site, is an efficient and relaible site, that is accessible by visitors, yourself, and me! Luckily, yours truly has you all covered once your site is built: my hosting and maintenance service.

It’s always first on people’s minds when a service is offered to them that they respond with “hmm, not sure, do I need it?” and this isn’t no monthly pushy magazine that you have to pay £60 a month for, this is a service to keep your website running the way you (and I) want it: successfully. With my service, every single one of my clients is contracted to it leaving all the leg work and headaches to me (it’s not a headache for me however!). With whatever business or organisation you have, the last thing you want to do is perform daily checks and weekly backups of your website when you have an organisation to run 36/7 (we all wish for 36 hour days). So, this is why you leave it all to me, I have years of experience and expertise as well as immense time management and organisation to perform these tasks regularly to make sure your site is the best it can be. 

Just to make it even more amazing, you’ll leave it all with me for a competitive and reasonable price of £35-£45, otherwise you would pay hundreds of pounds – for example us web designers have software, subscriptions and other tools in place in order to use our amazing brains to conduct all the maintenance and goings of running websites. All of this is sorted my end, mainly to keep you stress-free and your website working as it should!

Read more on hosting & maintenance on my page below, or head to the contact page for any questions