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Back in the year 2013, I started designing websites and found a new found love for it. I also began designing logos, and loved the creative side of it. I can’t quite explain how ideas come to me when I commence the design, as all I need is the business info. from, say, a company owner as well as any preferred colours and then the creative flow begins. If you’re not interested in the process of my logo history, move on to further down this page to clientele logos (no love lost, don’t worry).

The ideas come in 10s and I can’t put it into practise quick enough, … but this isn’t a memoir, so enough of that. It usually takes me around 2 hours to get an initial draft of a logo and then the alterations begin “I like it, but” .. “can you change the…” and all that jazz. I even step away for half hour and come back to replenish the idea factory to see if it does feel right. I then send a draft to the client, and any tweaks needed (or rarely a whole re-design) are undergone and hey presto, we have a logo.

We All Had to Start From Somewhere [Palm on Face]

Put your hands up if you wanna see some very very early designs and creations of my web design business logo? You’ll see above my first logo from college, when I had a huge interest in web design (horrible isn’t it). I’ve had [non-registered] names of Ace TC Designs, TC’s PC’s & Designs and the current TCQC … TCQC is the one I’m most proud of, only took a few logos to get there. I am highly attention to detail when it comes to designing websites as well as logos, things have to be precise, whether that’s centering a piece of text, or making sure colours match and work well with each other. So looking back at my very early work, I’ve come a very long way with heaps of experience and knowledge gained …. as well as my creative brain.

We then come to TC’s PC’s & Designs, in which I covered technical issues as well as designing websites. A more professional logo as you’ll see above, with similar colours to what I have for TCQC. Always been a huge fan of light gold/yellow on blue as an eye-catching and appropriate colour scheme (thank you ICT teacher Mr. Weight from high school). The slogan from then has also changed since, since I’ve gone solely as a web designer. This logo isn’t too bad, but contained a few pieces that were a tad on the small side. You’ll also see I tried changing the logo again with a logo looking as though it is breaking away … I didn’t really like it after many draft attempts!


And finally, we finish at my current logo for TCQC. A perfect blend of blue and light gold with a simple but effective structure. If you didn’t know already, the initials of the logo consist of my full name, which I have had asked throughout my whole life: “what’s the Q in your name?” … I would answer with “guess” and some gems have always stuck in my mind from people’s guesses, such as Quabble, Quint and Quadrilateral. When in fact, it’s Quantrill, which I absolutely love and hold in the family due to the rent passing of my grandparents. The T is for Tom, the first C is for Coventry (my mum’s side) and the other C is for the best surname in the world (Clark, with no E…. everyone always does an E).

The main inspiration for my logo is through my late grandad Philip Quantrill, who I looked up to all my life and is an immense role model to me. He had near enough the same logo colours for his, in which was a successful steel company (see below).

Client Logos

Here are the real important logos, for the clients. I’ve been honoured to be chosen to design a logo and for that business that deals with everyday going ons etc, wants to use my logo design. It never really kicks in, but I love helping and producing a decent enough logo for a company to use. Better yet, to have it then placed on multiple webpages on a website. Incredible. I only charge a one-off payment of £45 per logo designed, and the copyright is entirely owned by you/your business, no strings.

All Logos designed by Myself


As well as designing sites, I’ve also been designing banners. Most recently I’ve been designing pitch-side advertisement boards for Rockland Utd FC! They’ve had various (in fact a lot of) companies sponsor them, and one such way is through a physical board at Rocklands. What an honour to produce designs to be seen by hundreds every week but also for the companies themselves! See a few boards above designed by myself. The boards are custom made through Sign ID who do a fab job. I can design banners for any company so get in touch and we can begin!

Want a logo or banner designed by yours truly? Give me a message and we can begin