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Common questions I receive from clients before / during / after a web project, for your benefit ... if there's anything else, simply get in touch!

I’ve created just the form for this…

Before a project starts, I send my clients the handy TCQC Client Content Form (link located at the bottom of my site) which is a great tool to detail the content you want on your website, including fonts, logos, About / History page wording (if applicable) and much more. I’ve even included any uploads of imagery or zip files to save you time! Got larger files such as photos and videos? Then I recommend using (all is explained within the form).

Between 4-6 weeks

I always aim to start and complete a website within this time, this is plenty of time for early drafting, the initial designing, and implementing and configuring all the ‘behind the bonnet’ technicals to make sure the site looks and runs efficiently and smoothly! I do tend to enjoy putting smiles on my customer’s faces by finishing a site build sooner than expected … bringing them excitement too!


I mean it’s your site after-all! It’s got to look like what you envisioned as well as meeting your requirements and theme. I always provide a homepage draft stage, and if any changes are needed then these are undergone. Then, the rest of the site build can be undergone sticking to that theme from the home page… making sure it’s professional, clean and built with finesse!


Rest assured, your site IS in great hands. Once your site is live and kicking, it’s hosted securely and monitored 24/7. I have a sublime and secure hosting setup with constant checks taking place by yours truly. I use SSL certificates, for those that know: put that little ‘s’ after the ‘p’ in the web address bar: https:// – this way, you know you’re safe!

Extremely rare, trust me on that

No one likes any downtime for their website, especially when it’s for your business. Make note that the odds of this occurring are immensely low and if the unthinkable were to happen, you’ve got a top web designer on the case and instances usually occur for minutes at most until everything is back online. A downtime fault example is an issue on my hosting partner’s end (which is out of my hands) but they then work tirelessly to fix and resolve and of course keeping me up to date every minute

Of course!

Your business brand is essential, so it’s not wise to settle for a font or colour scheme that detaches from your logo or brand. I ALWAYS 100% match your colour scheme (usually based from your logo or colours you’ve chosen to be used on the site) using hexadecimal codes. Because there isn’t just one shade of red or blue, there’s thousands of variations, so let’s get the right match. This includes fonts too, I always aim to use the exact font you use using great custom font tool; got more than one colour or font? The more the better!

Bank transfer / cash / cheque (if people still use them!)

I always prefer bank transfer, but it’s your preference at the end of the day and whatever is easier. It’s all done officially: I have perfectly typed up invoices before and after web build projects and by request also (for when you have invoices to prove for that tax time of the year!)


I always initiate a meeting between ourselves (if comfortable by yourself that is) either virtually or in person (I prefer the latter) so we can then discuss the web build project or even if you’re undecided to go with myself, I thrive on trying to show how relaxed and comforting I am when it comes to explaining any questions or concerns you have… trust me, I know the industry extremely well and I have a top process from start to finish

You’re in luck, I can make this happen

I have the capabilities and procedures I can put into place to allow yourself to have a login to your WordPress-built website. I know what you’re thinking “what if I accidentally delete a page or the whole site??” Impossible. Impossible only because I make sure the buttons/features for this to ‘maybe’ happen: won’t be there. I always set myself as the sole admin/owner of the site meaning I can alter and change anything I please, not you. So if you just want a login to update a shop item or stock for example, then no worries. I’m also super helpful and organised and have written up procedures and user guides on how to navigate – I never like using the ‘for dummies’ term, but they’re self-explanatory and I’m always happy to go through a demo with you so you’re at ease

All day, every day

Obviously I have to sleep, eat, blink and more, but in between then I have alerts setup from anything minor to major that may occur (such as downtime) or updates being updated (although I usually go by these manually for testing purposes). You’re paying for a highly reliable monthly hosting and maintenance service by yourself truly, so of course I’m going to be thorough and make sure everything is efficient and as it should be!

I’ll openly admit this: no

In very rare circumstances, sometimes there are sites that are beyond my capabilities or manpower. Obviously I’d love to build every site possible, and I’ve built sites from small to huge companies however there are times when you’ve got to take a sit back and think “this may be too much to do” … don’t take this the wrong way, I’d work for a year on the site if need and if you (the client) would be happy with it, however this isn’t always the case and sometimes walking away is best for both parties. There’s never any shame in it.

SEO is a fundamental tool needed

Every website needs SEO undergone, I tend to do this part of the build once the design stage is complete. To put it into perspective, SEO is 50% of the website build in my eyes! I have a variety of effective tools to make sure your site is noticed and performing well on the big World Wide Web. Search engines have to be able to ‘find’ and ‘crawl’ your site… you don’t necessarily need to know this, just as well you have TCQC to do all the technical work. Just to throw it out there, I have a blog post on SEO here

Well, what can I say…

Ok, in all seriousness, my portfolio and attitude speaks for itself (read and see all about it on my Portfolio and About pages). I haven’t let any of my clients down for over 10 years, this alone is a huge thing for me and speaks wonders.

So, have your site built with finesse, hosted and maintained by TCQC

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