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What happens after my design is finished?

Let’s get some hypothetical context in place first:

Say you’ve just had TCQC design and complete a brand new website for you, all the design drafts have been approved by you and you love how it looks and runs as well as the navigation from one page to another; you’ve even given all three designs a test through with a temporary domain supplied by TCQC.

SEO (read my blog post on this)

So, what happens next?

Well, with the design complete, it’s now down to the next stage of the TCQC process which is configuring the SEO [Google] side of things. Why? Did you not read my SEO blog post? I’ll tell you very briefly (again, read my SEO blog post in full): it’s an important configuration to allow search engines such as the almighty Google to ‘crawl’ your website so it can reach high search results as well bring in vital visitor traffic… and much more. Again, that’s a brief reasoning.

I’ve always said the design process is around 50% of the website project in its entirety, leaving 20% to SEO setup, and 20% to testing and proof-reading / grammar checking and then the remaining 10% to configuring the site so it can become live to the World Wide Web.

Flashback to English in high school

So, with the SEO side complete, it’s onto my strong trait of proof-reading and grammar checking. I’m considered to be that term ‘grammar police’ 24/7, even if I notice an apostrophe out of place on an email from someone (especially ‘your’/‘you’re’), or if I spot an extra space on a flyer (I’m that picky), but this is the same with spelling (most commonly spotting people on the Facebook community boards, which I never post on by the way, I’m only there for the popcorn) in which people type ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’ … for example ‘I’m loosing my patience’ … you’re telling me.

I always make sure with every website project that I proof-read through the entire site THREE times, just to be absolutely sure. Usually clients like to give a fourth proof-read which I’m all for, as you never know what I may have missed, even after three checks through. Another pair of eyes doesn’t hurt!

P.s, don’t hesitate to let me know of any spelling / grammar mistakes you spot on my site, I welcome it!

Testing 1, 2, 3

Next is the testing stage, so usually at this point I’ll have a complete, reviewed website ready to be launched. But before that final stage, I need to test to make sure everything is as efficient as it should be (otherwise I’ll feel embarrassed) as it’s very unprofessional to launch a site that seems 80% done or needs that little bit more tweaking (cough, every FIFA game for the last 10+ years, cough). Again, this a THREE times through job, as I wanna be sure I’ve correctly configured everything, including links!

Testing for me is mainly broken down into making sure the layouts are rock solid on all responsive designs (desktop / laptop, mobile and tablet), all fonts and colours are showing as they should, all internal and external links are setup accordingly and navigating to where they intend, and finally making sure all photos / images and any videos load correctly and efficiently. Depending on the size of the website, this usually takes me roughly 30-45 mins to an hour to make sure, and it’s worth it in the end.

We have lift off

Finally, we reach the end goal of the project: the launch. We’re ready to make the site live! So, after communicating with my client asking to securely access their login where their domain is hosted / managed (if not already with myself 123-Reg, my preferred and recommended domain management system) I can then commence the ‘under the bonnet’ technical side to configure settings to ‘point’ and make changes to DNS, resulting in your TCQC built site being displayed through your domain. Obviously it can usually take up to 48 hours to propagate (update, configure from my hosting / DNS end), but these are rare cases I’ve found over the years, and within an hour or two or even less your site is live and browsable! I lose count how many times I refresh a page to keep checking.

It’s worth mentioning that the SEO side of things takes some patience, but the results from it (when done correctly) is worth it, especially the organic side of SEO.

So there you have it, now you know it’s not all about the design, there’s a lot more to it involving some skilful SEO tools and expert procedures in place (by yours truly) to allow for an eventual efficient and finessed website launch for your site.

I really do mean it when I say your site is built with finesse!

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