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What I've learnt in recent years

You’ve probably heard already from myself in previous blog posts, but I began building websites in 2013 solely as a hobby. I had a huge passion and interest in web design from my college and university years. In 2020, after a year of planning, research, and dream building, I then decided to turn the hobby into a business in 2021, so historically TCQC has been in operation for over 10 years!

I’m referring to ‘recent years’ as forming TCQC into a business in 2021 to present / today. And looking back in my current position, I can confidently and honestly say that I’ve learnt so much, it’s mad. I remember spending months and months planning, constructing, preparing and making sure I cover all bases ready for launch day of my business. We always say ‘what could you tell yourself back then with what you know now’ … lots, but that’s how learning comes into it isn’t it? No-ones ever the finished article until some rocky paths have been taken and overcome. It’s what makes me who I am today!

Proud 90s kid

In this industry I’m always learning and every project is new and never the same as the previous! Technology is always changing, so keeping up with that is one thing, however with web design it’s also keeping up with trends, styles and my client’s evolving week by week too – which I love! It’s all natural with the world of work. I still think when I say ’10 years ago’ it’s 1994 [starts crying], so time really does fly and that means themes and creativity do too, so it’s important to stick with this.

You can never be too organised, right?

I’m a sucker for a procedure: back in my work days at Notre Dame High School in 2016 (loved every minute there) my boss increased my already organised mindset even further by producing procedures for any work to be undergone, whether that be changing be a projector bulb or using SCCM to install software and set off PC ‘builds’ (that doesn’t have to make sense, don’t worry). So I was taught to make sure I create these documentation also (this was 1% of the job, but a crucial one of that). I’ll never forget what boss Dave said in regards to procedures: “It’s best to have a procedure in place to save yourself 15-30 minutes rather than re-inventing the wheel” … and he’s bang on! Back in 2021 I had many procedures in place already, around 20 in total, but now I have 110. Yeah. Because like boss Dave said, it saves heaps of time and it’s efficient also, because sometimes if we go by memory, you’re more likely to miss a step or two (it’s absolutely been proven with myself I tell ya) even if they’re common weekly tasks just needing a reminder for. The TCQC Procedures folder I have on my cloud storage setup will for sure continue to be added more and more for sure.

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As I mentioned already, keeping up with trends is important, but also polishing the TCQC website is important too. I’ve done slight redesigns and change of wording and navigation (to name a few) to make sure my site is efficient and easy on the eye for my visitors / potential clientele. Keeping it relevant and up to date (in terms of wording and actual software updates!) is essential as well, no one wants to see out of date info or dead links, no way Jose.

A slight confession: every website I look at (don’t know if anyone else does this) I immediately scroll to the bottom of the page I’m on after a 1-2 second scan of the page I’ve ‘landed’ on, just so I can look at the year (if stated) and who designed the website. It’s just a thing I do, whether it’s to give my reassurance that I’m seeing up to date information or if I’m just nosey as a web designer myself, not sure. Might be both! Again, no one wants to see a site not being regularly updated, a big turn off for me is seeing the year (again, if stated) not showing the current year, if it’s instead showing last year or even 2020 or earlier, I instantly think “well this is barely touched!”. A pretty sad “confession” that, I know.

Built 2013

So to sum up, lots has been learnt in the 3+ years of my business being a business, and there’s lots more to come. I’m proud of my work and honoured to have such prestigious and amazing businesses and people behind them choosing TCQC to A. build a website, but also B. to host and maintain it for years to come. I never take it for granted! 

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