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Why is my business called TCQC?

If you didn't know already...

The initials are my name, catchy, huh? Whether the catchy-ness was intentional by my parents or not, I was always called it by family members, or just TC (Top Cat flashbacks). People consider my name to be rather “posh” (however I don’t think this), my full name is Thomas Coventry Quantrill Clark. If I had a pound for every time from school to the present day of people asking “what does the ‘Q’ stand for?” I’d be a billionaire. Guesses of “Quabble” are my fave.

Second choice

TCQC wasn’t my first choice for a name for my business, if you read my I also design logos blog post, you’d have seen I did start out with TC’s PC’s and Designs, in which the business was split between web design and PC repairs and maintenance, until I decided my passion lied entirely with web design.

I remember the day I was completely set with TCQC, I had a couple of other names but they were too common in my eyes, such as TC Web Design or something with Norfolk Web Design in it, to me I wanted something unique and catchy as well as minimal. I always admire businesses with minimal wording that is a brand in itself and that doesn’t state the obvious until you earn enough of a positive reputation and credibility that you’re then associated with that industry; it makes my year hearing people say ‘need a website built? TCQC’s your man!’ … that’s exactly how they say it.

I chose TCQC because it was simple, pretty cool (in my opinion) and it shows the personal side to clients and potential clientele that you get 100% focus and dedication to your project from one man, and no-one else: TCQC.  

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