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What are themes in WordPress?

Every website needs one, it’s a basis to begin customising and designing. One of my first items of my checklist when commencing a site build is choosing a theme. I tend to stick with a usual selection every time and then from there make it my own with my creativity and knowhow (not being big-headed!). WordPress has over 20,000 themes to choose from at their disposal from various developers contributing to the WP universe, again I tend to stick the usual depending on the project. These range from standard themes to shop or portfolio templates, so there’s something for everyone, however I honestly prefer using a standard / minimal theme and designing it from scratch as my own. Because whenever a new website project comes my way, I have multiple ideas floating around in my head on a design and theme I want to stick to… subject to the client’s approval of course.

Your theme, designed from scratch

I tend to focus around the client’s colour scheme and font(s) they have too, as well as what their business is about. The latter is the most important in my view, because for example you don’t want something looking very fun with balloons as icons everywhere and being all loud and in your face but the business in question is a funeral service. I just stick with the brief and think logical with things like this, every website I build and design is purely professional. The theme has to be fit for purpose and completely relate to the business in question. 

It’s not all about my ideas, of course I speak with the client to hear what they desire and wish to go to, and I base from that, however I usually have complete control on the theme and how it should look, with the client’s wishes cemented in my brain (it’s their website after-all!). 

The advanced side of themes

Now I usually stay clear of the Theme File Editor section of the theme, which comprises of all the coding for the theme developed by the theme author. However, there have been instances in which some adjustments were needing to be made to alter some output for clients’ websites. I have carefully learnt some useful additions to add to theme to execute commands within the theme to A. allow some cool features to show on the website and B. make my client(s) happy! One such instance was a client wanting a certain type of wording altered differently on what was displayed on their shop page. It wasn’t as simple as replacing the word (trust me), there came a fair bit of knowledge and research to find a solution – for over 12+ years of my life I’ve been a problem solver so my daily thing is usually to solve problems and situations like this to overcome. 

In the end, I located a legit and safe piece of coding that can be safely included into the Theme File Editor, funnily enough from the theme author’s website. Anything could wrong remember, which is why I always make sure I have that backup / timestamp beforehand in case I need to revert, better safe than sorry. And then eventually, after multiple testing and proof-reading, trophy unlocked, and there’s one happy web designer and client.

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